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Pride Festival Participation Waiver

By clicking "I agree to be bound by the Pride Festival Participation Waiver" when I submit my application, I agree and hereby represent that as a performer, vendor, sponsor, and/or booth participating in the 2024 Billings Pride:

  1. I, the participant, will not hold 406 Pride, the City of Billings or Yellowstone County or any parade sponsors, responsible for any damage, expense or liability arising from any injury or damage to said participant, your agents or employees, or to your property.

  2. I, the participant, agree to indemnify 406 Pride, the City of Billings, Yellowstone County and any parade sponsors for any and all damages, claims or disbursements made for or on behalf of myself, my business, my agents or employees, or my property.

  3. To waive any claim for compensation for participating in the festival and to grant the organizers the right to film, photograph, the undersigned so recorded, free of charge, in connection with the business of the organizers or the future promotion of the parade; and

  4. To abstain from the display of any obscene, profane, politically controversial or socially offensive language, symbols, or advertisements on or within the festival.

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