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Finding Us

The 406 Pride resource center is located inside Billings First Congregational Church at 310 North 27th Street on the corner of North 27th Street and 3rd Avenue North. 406 Pride leases the resource center space from the church, but it is a wholly separate organization. The main entrance for the resource center is on the northwest side of the building via the red fire escape. For individuals who cannot easily walk up or down a half flight of stairs, the resource center can also be accessed by using the front door of the church. The front door does have a wheelchair accessible ramp.

Front of Billings First Church

Front of Billings First Congregational Church at 310 N 27th Street

The resource center's main entrance is up a half flight of stairs on this red fire escape.

Our Library

The 406 Pride Library contains over 400 books. We have both fiction and nonfiction titles that span a variety of genres. 

You are free to browse titles inside the Resource Center or check out a title for up to 3 weeks at a time. 

To search our collection, please click the button below. 

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